Resolutions for 2019


Seeing as I am brand spankin’ new to this blog, I thought I would start with some obligatory New Years resolutions! Truth be told, I am hoping that if I put it here, I will feel inclined to stick to them. Considering that one of my goals is to put myself out there and really try and connect with you guys, It seems like a logical choice. So… Drumroll please… I resolve to….

1. Take at least 10000 steps a day. A lot of people resolve to get healthy in the new year. I am no exception! This typically is within my wheelhouse, but I am hoping that by fully committing to this, I will shed this extra pesky baby weight (I had my daughter in 2018) and feel totally confident in this Pinup world I am inserting myself into!

2. Keep those publications coming. So I started working really hard at the end of last year to get published. I was accepted more then I was rejected, and found that seeing my photos in a real live magazine really gave me a wonderful boost! I loved it! I want to keep that coming this year. This by extension means more shoots, more creativity, and more editing! My ultimate goal here: I would LOVE to actually get a cover. I’m not quite ready to set myself up for that… I think I still have some work ahead of me. But seriously… how AWESOME would it be??

3. Drink More Water. My husband had to practically chase me around the house with a water glass while I was pregnant. I can not even describe to you how sick of it I was! I have never drank enough water during the day. I probably never will. But, If I can get at least two of my big 24oz tumbler cups in me… I am doing pretty amazing by my standards. So that is what I am going to shoot for! To be there for my kids, healthy HAS to be my standard, and I am FULLY commiting to it.

4. Read 50 Books this Year. Now I know that sounds like a crazy amount, but I managed to get through 58 last year and I really loved how it made me feel! I like to learn and I took on a bunch of topics I don’t typically read last year. It made me feel like a more well-rounded person, as well as more knowledgable in my own fields! I also REALLY want to foster that love of reading in both of my kids and you know what they say… your kids are watching you more then listening. I want to be an awesome example for my kids.

5. Do Something Artsy Every Day. Even if it means color in a coloring book. Even if it means taking a picture or writing a blog post. Even if it means planning a shoot, or practicing my victory rolls for no reason. I can’t let my sense of self get lost here, and it’s so easy to when my focus turns out to be my kids 98% of the time. I have a lot of goals I want to achieve, and a lot of people I want to help, and my self-care is the only way I will have energy to do that for others!

My main goal is just to be Happy! And I want everyone else to have that too!

Anybody else out there working through something this new year? Any resolutions on your mind? I wish the best to whomever might stumble through.


Genna XOXO

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